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A Rose Gold and Silver Thanksgiving

Rose gold chargers and sequin runners
Rose Gold and Silver Thanksgiving Decor

I’m the one in the family who is responsible for what Thanksgiving will LOOK like as well as the infamous cocktail that gets all the grown folks “feeling right”. I mean, its not that I can’t cook, its just that my gifts serve better outside the kitchen than in. So what color palette are we going for this year? Drumroll please….rose gold and silver.

I decided to forego the obvious hues of orange, yellow, and deep reds this year because let’s face it, been there done that. But I didn’t want to lose the essence of fall, so pumpkins were a must. We hit up the local hobby store and picked up several shades of spray paint that fit in the rose gold family. You don’t want everything to be one color so make sure that you pick different shades that work in the same family. We like the Krylon Colormaxx rose gold, metallic gold, and vintage brass finishes.

And just like the fairy Godmother, you have masterfully changed those everyday pumpkins to works of art. Now, let’s add some greenery and flowers. I love to add organic elements to all of my looks, and though pumpkins could technically serve that purpose, I thought bringing in greenery and flowers would soften up the look. Spruce it up with additional accents of your choice. I chose to add candle sticks of different sizes to bring a little height to the table. Now grab your favorite table setting and glassware and VOILA, you are all set.

Your guests will love the non-traditional approach to Thanksgiving decor. Now grab your favorite bottle of wine, and prepare to laugh and eat the night away with your friends and family. Enjoy :)



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