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Grab your cocktail...tables that is!

Ever wonder where to sit your drink when the DJ starts playing “The Git Up”? Its usually never hard hard to find that perfectly situated cocktail table right next to do the dance floor to place your drink or drop your plate while you two step. Essentially this is the perfect place to be, hence the name. But cocktail tables aka bistro tables, have many other hidden talents that you should know about.

Whenever you are trying to create a more social atmosphere where movement around the room is essential, cocktail tables are a great stand alone option. When placed strategically or event scattered throughout a space, they allow for a “gathering point” of a few individuals to mix and mingle. When draped with a linen, this clean look can add just enough of a look to give dimension and even style to an event. You can use this concept during receptions, at networking events, during happy hours, or even for small brunches when the atmosphere is more light and casual.

Photo Credit: Mo Davis Photography

Sometimes you simply need a place to display certain items, like a guest book, unity candle, or cake table. A single cocktail table will give you height so that you or your guests are not having to bend over yet still be small enough to not take up a lot of room.

Photo Credit: Southern Life Photography

Most rental cocktail tables also offer a short leg option. In this instance, height may not be what you are needing, but instead a small table best suits your needs. Our 30in table tops with the short leg option allow for non-traditional seating when mixed in with our furniture, and let me tell you guests L-O-V-E it. And sometimes when you only want to seat groups of four, we use these smaller tables with chairs to offer more intimate conversations or just seating options for older guests or those guests that may not be able to stand for long periods of time. And we’ve always found this as a great solution when a more social and casual event wants to be more ADA compliant but not make someone feel left out.

You will always hear me ask if you need cocktail tables as I find them essential to just about any kind of event.

Interested in renting cocktail tables for your next grand event? Grab your cocktail and let’s chat!



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